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The Hailey Fire & Rescue Department provides the most comprehensive fire protection and rescue services possible, while maintaining a reasonable cost to its taxpayers.

The Hailey Fire & Rescue Department is a combination fire department. There are currently 4 full-time firefighter/EMT's providing administrative support to approximately 20 paid-per-call or “volunteer” members. The paid-per-call members of the department are paid to attend training sessions and when responding to emergency scenes.  

Our department responds to approximately 450 emergency calls per year. Of these calls, about 60% are emergency medical calls. The remainder of the calls are a combination of structure fires, wildland fires, mutual aid assistance, vehicle fires, rescue situations and false alarms.

The Hailey Fire & Rescue Department consists of up to 25 paid-per-call members, with a full time fire chief, a volunteer assistant fire chief, a full time fire marshal, a full time fire inspector and a full time administrative assistant. The city currently has just one station located at 617 South Third Avenue. Our Business telephone number is 208-788-3147.

The Fire Department is divided into two divisions, Administrative and Operations. The full time personnel conduct virtually all of the administrative tasks such as plan reviews for new construction, fire inspections, fire investigations, and other routine administrative functions.

Both the full time personnel and the paid-per-call firefighters are part of the operations division of the department. The operations division is responsible for medical response, fire suppression, maintenance, communications, support services, etc.

The paid-per-call members of the Hailey Fire Department serve in many capacities. Men and women over the age of 18 who have the desire to participate in the fire service are eligible to become members of one of the various categories of membership. We routinely conduct new member orientation and training in February and September. Contact us at the above-mentioned number to obtain more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where is the Hailey Fire Department located and what hours are you open?

A.  We are located at 617 South Third Ave. in Hailey. The administrative offices of the Hailey Fire Department are open during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.  Please realize that the administrative staff are also firefighters and EMTs and if you call or stop by and no one is there during these hours, we are most likely on a call.  If the office is closed for any other reason during regular business hours, we will post a sign on the front door and leave a message on the answering machine.

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Q2. What type of open burning is allowed in Hailey, and do I need a permit?

A.  Currently, open burning is allowed only for the control of noxious weeds (i.e., knapweed). These permits are issued generally in the spring and late fall when weather and fire conditions are favorable. The cost of the permit is $25 and is issued no more than 4 days in advance of the intended burn.

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Q3. How do I know if I need a permit for something that I want to do?

A.  Click on the following link to access the list of permits issued and their fees. Generally these permits have exempt quantities or additional restrictions. The only way to know for sure is to call us at 208-788-3147. If a permit is needed, we can fax you a permit application form and identify all the requirements that are needed by us to issue a permit.

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Q4. Which fire codes do you use?

A.  We are currently using the 2009 International Fire Code with a few amendments found in Section 15.12 of the Hailey Municipal Code which also includes numerous NFPA standards adopted by reference. Please contact us for questions you may have with regard to code applicability.

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Q5. I need to submit plans for a building located outside of the city limits of Hailey. Where do I send them?

A.  The areas located outside the city limits of Hailey and Bellevue are generally located within the Wood River Fire Protection District, and is a separate taxing entity than the Hailey Fire Department. Please contact Wood River Fire & Rescue at 208-788-5577 for further instructions.

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Q6. What is the fire insurance (ISO) rating of the City of Hailey?

A.  A fire rating is determined by the Idaho Survey and Rating Bureau, which evaluates the current capabilities of a fire suppression agency. This rating based on a scale of 1-10 (1 being the best) is assigned to all fire agencies in the state, and is commonly used by insurance companies to determine your fire insurance rates. Currently, the City of Hailey enjoys a rating of 4. (At the time of our last evaluation, there was only one volunteer department in the state with a higher rating than ours.)

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Q7. How often do my extenguishers need to be inspected?  Can the Hailey Fire Department inspect my extinguisher and what is the cost?

A.   Fire extinguishers in commercial occupancies need to be inspected and re-tagged annually.  The Hailey Fire Department provides free visual inspections by trained and certified fire extinguisher inspectors to all City of Hailey businesses.  If the extinguisher does not pass, the inspector will tell the business owner why with a recommendation for what to do next. 

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Q8. A firefighting organization has contacted me by phone to make a contribution (or buy a concert ticket, etc.). Does any of this money go to the local fire departments?

A.  Not a penny! While several organizations (unions) do legally solicit funds by telemarketing, we do not endorse or recommend participating in any fundraiser which solicits by telephone. Our local fundraiser for the Burn Out Fund is usually conducted through annual events, and then only through the mail and advertisement, never by phone. If you wish to contribute locally, contact you're nearest fire department directly.

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Fire Contact Information


Hailey Fire Department:
Phone: 208-788-3147
Fax: 208-788-0279

Craig Aberbach
Fire Chief
Phone: 208-788-3147
E-mail: craig.aberbach@haileycityhall.org

Mike Baledge
Deputy Chief, Fire Marshal
Phone: 208-788-3147
E-mail: mike.baledge@haileycityhall.org

Robbin Warner
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 208-788-3147
E-mail: hfd@haileycityhall.org

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