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Upcoming Events

October 5th - 11th:  Fire Prevention Week - Look for us at Hailey grade schools, preschools and daycares.

Learn about the history of Fire Prevention Week at NFPA:  about-fire-prevention-week

HFD News


Thank you to everyone who made our Wicked Wednesday a huge success!  Congratulations to Josh Fields of Wood River Fire and Rescue, winner of the custom fire helmet.

We raised over $8,600 for Relay for Life!  Thanks to all our participants and donors!

Firefighter of the Year

Firefighter of the Year 2014: Phil Rainey, member since 1997

Firefighter of the Quarter

1st Quarter 2014: Gus Conrad, member since 2013

2nd Quarter 2014:  Rick Silvia, member since 2013

3nd Quarter 2014:  Calvin Nalder, member since 2012


KMVT News Story:  Paying the Price for Man-Made Wildfires


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Learn about the importance of smoke alarms at nfpa.org.  Click on the picture to access the link.



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Fire Contact Information


Hailey Fire Department:
Phone: 208-788-3147
Fax: 208-788-0279

Craig Aberbach
Fire Chief
Phone: 208-788-3147
E-mail: craig.aberbach@haileycityhall.org

Mike Baledge
Deputy Chief, Fire Marshal
Phone: 208-788-3147
E-mail: mike.baledge@haileycityhall.org

Christian Ervin
Fire Inspector
Phone: 208-788-3147

E-mail: christian.ervin@haileycityhall.org

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