The Hailey Historic Preservation Commission

Hailey Main Street at Croy Street looking North 1913.


5 Historical Signs placed on Main Street in Hailey at the following locations

  • Bullion Block Site/Werthheimer Building 101 S. Main St.
  • J.C. Fox Building 115 S. Main St.
  • J.J. Tracy Building 111 S. Main St.
  • W.H. Watt Building 120 N. Main St.
  • Rialto Hotel 201 S. Main St.

Historic Inventory of Hailey Townsite: The HPC has now completed two surveys of historic properties in Hailey. While this is not exhaustive of all the properties with local historic significance and charm, it does cover most of the townsite jewels.  These surveys create an inventory of historic properties that aide the City in focusing on the mission of identifying and evaluating the buildings with reflect significant heritage, features, and qualities in the City of Hailey. The full reports are on file with the City of Hailey. To view the summaries, see the Historic Surveys page.

Certified Local Government: By becoming a CLG, a community has the ability to regulate and promote historic preservation in its region. A preservation ordinance helps to preserve the visual characteristics of a historic neighborhood while providing a framework for redevelopment by stabilizing the neighborhood and increasing property values.

Furthermore, CLG status provides a process for identifying, evaluating and recognizing historic property. CLGs provide a means for planning and considering historic preservation in land use, public improvement and development decisions. CLGs should be a tool for educating not just citizens, but also government officials about the advantages of historic preservation.

Heritage City: Hailey has been designated a Heritage City. This honor is given by the Idaho State Historical Society and the Association of Idaho Cities to recognize a city such as Hailey that protects and shares information on its buildings, artifacts, photos and other historical documents.

Purpose: To encourage preservation and interpretation of the cultural heritage of the cities of Idaho through a program recognizing efforts undertaken by municipalities to protect and make available information on buildings, artifacts, records, written material, photos, and oral reminiscences that contribute to the educational offerings, pride, and history of a community.

CLG Grant Obtained: A grant was obtained that allowed the HPC to contract with an historian to perform a survey of properties that might be eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. This is the funding mechanism for the Reconnaissance Survey that is being reviewed by ISHPO now.

Preservation: Recommendations on the Demolition Ordinance and Townsite Guidelines have been solicited from the HPC; these recommendations have been provided to the City of Hailey P&Z / City Council.

Website: A website was created to inform the public of Hailey’s historic values as well as the mission and activities of the HPC.

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