The Hailey Historic Preservation Commission

Hailey Main Street at Croy Street looking North 1913.

Demo Permits

In an effort to preserve a sense of the history of the community, the City of Hailey has adopted certain ordinances designed to create regulations regarding historic sites and buildings, and to preserve cultural landmarks, as part of a broader plan to promote preservation of the historic downtown area.

For this reason, a procedure for the demolition of historic structures, constructed prior to 1941, was established. This procedure involves a 120-day review period, during which the City, the Hailey Historic Preservation Commission, or any other commission, organization, or individual may negotiate with the owner and with any other parties, in an effort to find a means of preserving the structure or building for the acquisition by gift, purchase, or exchange of the property or any interest therein.

Any demolition permit for a Historic Structure shall be conditioned so that prior to demolition, the applicant shall provide the Hailey Historic Preservation Commission with all available historic information about the Historic Structure, including a) color photographs measuring at least four inches (4") by six inches (6") of at least two (2) elevations of the building at the time of permit submittal (if the building faces one or more public streets, the two (2) elevations shall be of the street facing sides); b) height, square footage, and current use of the building; and c) historical photograph, black and white or color, of the building, if feasible.

If you are thinking about demolishing a property constructed prior to 1941, why not contact us early to discuss options? Email us for more information.

Submit your Historic Demo Permit Application to the Hailey Building Department

Property Owner's Spreadsheet for Historic Demolition Application

The mailing list of all property owners within 300 feet of the exterior boundaries (obtainable at the County Assessors Office or must be supplied with your application.  Simply copy and paste the info from the county to an Excel spreadsheet and download to a disk or create a PDF. For assistance with this procedure you may contact the Building Department Assistant, Becky Mead at (208) 788-9815, extention 20.