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Frequently Asked Questions



Q1. How do I report a crime?

A. You must first determine where the crime occurred. The agency having jurisdiction will take your report and determine what follow up work must be done. Reports can be made in person, over the telephone, at the scene of the crime, or in some instances via facsimile machine. You should always consider filing a theft report even in the event that it is a small loss and you believe the property is not recoverable or your deductible is too high to cover the loss. In some cases, we have recovered stolen property ftom cases filed years prior while investigating a new case. Many times we learn that property is stolen but we have no case or victim to return it to. This occurs quite frequently in the case of bicycle thefts.

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Q2. What can I expect to happen once I file a crime report?

A. The Hailey Police Department makes every attempt to investigate all cases thoroughly. This can be a lengthy and time consuming process. Once we have obtained 0 of the evidence needed to prosecute the crime, we arrest the suspect or obtain an arrest warrant. We make every attempt to resolve each case, large or small, and recover property. You may be called to testify, but most cases are resolved prior to a hearing or trial.

Q3. How do file an accident report?

A. State law requires that you stop at the scene of an accident when damage exceeds 750.00 to any item involved in the accident or an injury occurs. You should always attempt to contact law enforcement. This will ensure that the infon-nation from all parties involved will be accurate, that a report will be generated and that the incident will be investigated. This helps insurance companies settle claims faster. If you are involved in an accident on private property or a victim of a hit and run accident, we will also generate a report. In the event you choose to leave the scene, and simply exchange information with the other driver, your insurance will ask you to come in and file a walk-in report. Generally speaking, walk in reports are not the best course of action, but they do work particularly in cases where both parties know each other and it appears that the incident can be resolved amicably or the damage is very minimal. It usually takes about 3 days for the final draft and approval of accident reports. Copies can be made at no charge.

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Q4. What do I do if I have been the victim of domestic violence?

A. In keeping with state law, we take a strong stand against domestic violence. If you have been the victim of a domestic assault or battery, the department will make every attempt to arrest the responsible party and stop the behavior. We can provide referrals and information to victims and help them receive civil protection orders after the 72 hour no contact order expires after the suspect's arrest. Sometimes, victims perceive this as an extreme step, becoming reluctant and deciding this is not in their best interests. In those instances, we have an excellent referral source in the Advocates for Survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. They can provide information, assistance, shelter, and have a number of assets at their disposal. A worker is always on call and can help you with your individual needs.

Q5. How do I report suspicious activity? Can I remain anonymous?

A. Reports of suspicious activity that are well founded are usually the result of some form of criminal conduct. This may involve something simple such as juvenile parties or it could be high amounts of traffic with people making short stops at a house or an apartment. Generally speaking, we can usually generate a case and investigate the complaint without disclosing your identity. In cases where you are well known by a suspect, this becomes more difficult. In cases of loud parties, disturbances, and domestic violence we do not generally disclose the identity of the calling party unless it becomes necessary or an arrest is made.

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Q6. What can I do if I have a complaint about a police officer?

A. All complaints are investigated. Complaints can be lodged in person and in some cases, you may be asked to complete a statement. The outcome of complaints can range from unfounded to sustained. In the event of sustained complaints, the disciplinary procedure can vary and in extreme cases, the dismissal of an officer can occur. We inform complaining parties of whether or not the complaint was sustained but we do not disclose the disciplinary action taken. Complaints are generally investigated by mid management or the Chief of Police.

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Q7. What services are offered by the police department?

A. We offer a variety of services to the citizens of Hailey. We do a number of varied things and list them below.

If you have a special event that may require a police officer, the City of Hailey charges 40.00 an hour for a uniformed police officer. If the function is charitable or organized as a non-profit event, oftentimes we provide an officer or possibly two, free of charge.

We have a police official specifically assigned to crime prevention functions. If your neighborhood can benefit by having this official address your specific concerns, a community meeting can be arranged for these issues to be addressed.

Many times registering a vehicle requires a DMV VIN # inspection report to be completed. We can assist in this process by inspecting and completing the paperwork for the DMV.

The Hailey Police Department also does vacant home and vacation checks. We will also provide business checks for business owners at their request. We will also teach business theft prevention for any business that is interested.

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Q8. How should I address speeding complaints in my neighborhood?

A. The Hailey Police Department recently purchased a radar trailer with Local Option Tax (LOT) funds. The trailer was put in service on Thursday, September 11 and will be used primarily in areas with numerous speed complaints, school zones and neighborhood streets with high traffic flows. The radar equipment alerts drivers of their speed, and if drivers exceed the speed limit a warning flashes telling them to slow down. An on-board computer tracks traffic volume by the time of day along with speeds. This feature alone will help the Police Department develop a more aggressive and strategic speed enforcement program. For more information contact the Police Department.


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