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Parks, Trails and Gardens


Toe of the Hill TrailThe City of Hailey, the Hailey Parks & Lands Board, and Hailey citizens work together to create and maintain an interconnected system of parks, recreational facilities, trails, gardens, green spaces and natural lands for the community of Hailey. Our goal is to provide diverse recreation opportunities within walking distance for the greatest number of Hailey residents.

Our town is fortunate to have a long history of generous support for our parks, lands and trails. Over the years, many donors, supporters and volunteers have played a major role in the development of our parks and trails.


Since 1997, Hailey has added:

  • 10 new neighborhood parks
  • 26.85 developed (or soon to be developed) park acres
  • 198.5 acres protected green space (hillside parcels)
  • 2 miles separated 10' asphalt bike paths
  • 2.8 miles community trail
  • Outdoor arena and expanded skatepark
  • Interpretive Center at Werthheimer Park

Our community volunteers have given Hailey:

  • Worldclass Hailey Skatepark
  • Community Ice at Werthheimer Park
  • Hop Porter Park Playstructure
  • Toe of the Hill Trail
  • Jimmy's Garden
  • Big Wood River Bow Bridge at Lions Park

Hailey has spent $5,000,000 in Parks and Trails development:

Funded by:

  • $455,000 in grants and gifts
  • $611,000 in developer contributions
  • $434,000 in city contributions
  • $3,500,000 from general obligation bond

Hailey's goals:

  • 10 acres parks per 1000 residents.
  • Trail network that connects and encircles our community.
  • Diverse recreation opportunities within walking distance of the greatest number of Hailey citizens.

How are we doing?

  • 14 neighborhood and community parks
  • 60.0 park acres
  • 8.16 park acres per 1000 residents

(None of these numbers include the school district's 45 acres of 5 sport complexes.)

Our parks help provide the fields needed for Blaine County Recreation District and Y on Wheels programs.

Our parks are used for reunions, concerts, barbecues, birthday parties, ball games, weddings, church services, kids' fishing, community events, and more.

Hailey considers parks and trails to be such a vibrant and essential component of our community that we require them of new development.

Hailey leads the Wood River community in proactive long-term planning for parks, lands and trails.

          Parks and Lands Board

The Hailey Parks and Lands Board is a dedicated team that guides park, trail and garden development throughout the city. Appointed by the Hailey Mayor and confirmed by the Hailey City Council, the board works with citizens, city staff and elected officials to assure a quality experience in the city's public green spaces.

Lamar Waters, Chair (lamarsv@cox.net)
Darin Sales, Vice Chair
Sara Gress
Dean Hernandez
Phil Rainey
Mark Spencer

The Parks and Lands Board meets once per month. For more information about meetings, see the meeting schedule, agendas and minutes.

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          Contact Information

Parks and Lands Board

Lamar Waters
Parks & Lands Board Chair
E-mail: lamarsv@cox.net

Park Reservations

Phone: 788-4221 ext. 0

Park Special Event Permits

Phone: 788-9830 ext. 31

Park, Trail and Garden Maintenance

Phone: 788-9830 ext. 31

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