Planning & Zoning Commission

2021 Meeting Schedule

Monday, 4th @ 5:30pm Tuesday, 19st @ 5:30pmMonday, 1st @ 5:30pm Tuesday, 16th @ 5:30pmMonday, 1st @ 5:30pm Monday, 15th @ 5:30pmMonday, 5th @ 5:30pm Monday, 19th @ 5:30pmMonday, 3rd @ 5:30pm Monday, 17th @ 5:30pmMonday, 7th @ 5:30pm Monday, 21st @ 5:30pmMonday, 6th @ 5:30pm Monday, 19th @ 5:30pmMonday, 2nd @ 5:30pm Monday, 16th @ 5:30pmTuesday, 7th @ 5:30pm Monday, 20th @ 5:30pmMonday, 4th @ 5:30pm Monday, 18th @ 5:30pmMonday, 1st @ 5:30pm Monday, 15th @ 5:30pmMonday, 6th @ 5:30pm Monday, 20th @ 5:30pm

To add an item to any Planning and Zoning Commission meeting agenda, a completed application with all materials must be submitted to the Community Development Department no later than 35 days prior to the scheduled meeting.  All applicants are required to contact the Community Development Department to discuss their application and how best to proceed for the Planning and Zoning meeting.

Call (208) 788-9815 or email with any questions.