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Welcome to the City of Hailey

Welcome to the City of Hailey

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News & Announcements

Free Water-Wise Landscaping Workshop on April 26

Workshop: DIY Steps for Irrigation Efficiency

This workshop qualifies for the Water Smarty rebate program.

Hailey Greenway Master Plan

Click here for the working draft

Hailey Greenway Master Plan Next Steps:

The City plans to take public comments on the Draft Plan for the next 60 days and beyond.  The Council will be reviewing the Plan next on Monday, March 12, 2018 (approx.. 5:30 pm), at which time any new community comments will be considered. The City Council will review comments received to date, as well as alternative layouts to the softball fields. The Council will consider a resolution as to whether or not to adopt the Plan on April 9, 2018. The reason for the City to adopt the Plan is that none of the ideas or projects can be pursued if the Plan is not adopted- adopting the Plan allows the City to move forward on next steps.  However, the City remains committed to making this a “living” plan, and comments will continue to be taken into the future.  Additionally, if any studies, natural events or other circumstances occur that affect any elements of the Plan, the City will reconsider the Plan in order to incorporate changed circumstances. This Plan is part of a larger effort to protect the natural resources along the Big Wood River corridor.

Please submit comments to:

Pathways for People

Sidewalk Priorities Survey

Snow Removal Information

Snow Removal and Citizen Safety

Snow Removal Information for Residents

Help Wanted - Snow Shovel Brigade

Guidelines for Snow Removal Contractors
Working in Hailey

Floodplain Ordinance Updates

Floodplain Ordinance Draft

Flood Recovery Efforts

CONTACT INFORMATION:  For flood recovery related questions, contact City Administrator Heather Dawson at 788-4221 x18.


2017 Infrastructure and Neighborhood Flood Recovery Projects Press Release

2017 Big Wood River Follow-Up Flood Recovery Press Release

2017 Big Wood River Flood Recovery Press Release


Army Corps: Hailey Technical Assistant Report


Hailey Master Flood Plan 2017

Hailey Greenway Master Plan & Flood Memo 2017

PERMITS: Has your home been damaged by the flood? Do you plan on repairing or upgrading your home or property? If so, you will need to apply for either a Building Permit or a Floodplain Hazard Development Permit. Applications can be found at the links below:

Building Permit Application

Flood Hazard Development Permit Application

Flood Information & Response

For the latest updates on the Hailey City Flood, please visit our Facebook page by clicking on the icon below (you do not need to have a Facebook account to see this information).

Please click on the blue and red Emergency Preparation tab at the right, where you will see a current flood warning, flood advisory, and pertinent information to the Big Wood River in Hailey.

FloodSmart: The National Flood Insurance Program

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Blaine County Damage Assessment Form

National Weather Service Forecast - May 18, 2017

Governor's Packet 2017

Flood Preparation & Response

Emergency Preparation Information - Local Emergency Planning Committee

Big Wood River Total Water Flow from USGS

WaterAlerts: Subscribe to Receive Updates via Text or Email Here

Local and Regional Flood Resources

Floodplain Safety Brochure

Avalanche Information

Hailey Flood Hazard Map

Hailey Flood Hazard Map via GIS

City of Hailey Floodplain and Drainage Map

Interested in more information concerning the Quigley Farms Project?

Visit the link below for detailed information regarding the Quigley Farms Project. Packet Materials, Staff Reports, Drawings and Public Comments are included.

Quigley Farms Project

Hands-Free Cell Phone Ordinance

The use of mobile electronic devices while driving in Hailey must be hands-free.  Drivers may not hold any type of wireless or data communication device while driving.  Such devices include cell phones, laptops, and video, music, photo, text-messaging, paging, and pda devices.  The penalty is an infraction with a fixed fine of $100.00.

The educational period is over, Hailey Police Department will begin ticketing effective immediately.

Click here for ordinance

Openings on Hailey's Boards and Commissions

Please consider serving your community: view openings brochure.

Check out our video on inexpensive placemaking improvements to Hailey's Main Street and Downtown core.

On the Ground in Hailey, Idaho

Essential Hailey Infrastructure
Discussions Lead to Successful Pathways for People Ballot Measure

Levy Cost & Projects
Levy Projects Map
Levy Q & A

Council calls for a Levy Election
Funding Method: Property Taxes
Funding Method: Local Option Tax
Discussion of Funding Plan 7/15

Capital Project Needs 2/15
History of Financial Measures 2/15
Partners and Stakeholders 1/15
Introduction 1/15

Do the Right Thing Nominations

The selection committee reviews nominations and makes awards three times each year.

Nominate a student now!

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Follow the City of Hailey to keep up to date on news, meetings, City projects, events, and general community information.

Drinking Water Report

Drinking Water Report - 2015 Sampling Results

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