Water Rates, New Connections & Accounts

New Connections

A permit is required prior to any new connection to the municipal water system. An Application for Water and Wastewater Permit should be submitted; once the application is reviewed and approved, and all applicable fees are paid, the permit is issued.

For questions about new connections, please call the Public Works Department at 208-788-9830, ext. 1.

New Accounts

When someone purchases a home, in the majority of cases the City of Hailey automatically receives the information from the title company and transfers the utility bill into the new owners name.

In order for a tenant to receive a utility bill, the city requires an Owner/Tenant Agreement to be on file.

For questions about new accounts, please call the Utility Billing Clerk at 208-788-4221, ext. 1.

Commencing Service

Request for Commencement/Discontinuance of Water Service application must be filed when water is turned on for the first time or turned on after having been off for an extended period. This application is also used to request water to be turned off for an extended period (for example: to turn off water for the winter).

For questions about commencing service, please call the utility billing clerk at 208-788-4221, ext. 1.