Water Service Concerns

Leaks, Breaks, Maintenance and Repairs

At times the City must turn off water service to a neighborhood to repair leaks or breaks in the system or to perform system maintenance. The City makes an effort to notify the neighborhood of this work. In the event your water is off and you did not receive a notice, please call 208-788-4221, ext. 1, to confirm work schedules.

If you need your water turned off temporarily to conduct repairs to your plumbing, please call 208-788-4221, ext. 1.

If you suspect you have a leak, please call 208-788-4221, ext. 1, for a leak check. Owners who repair leaks may be entitled to reimbursement, as provided under Section 13.04.130 of the Hailey Municipal Code.

High Water Use and Leaks

Low Water Use Action Plan

Freeze Protection

Certain properties, for a variety of reasons, must run a continuous stream of water in the Winter to prevent freeze-up of water lines. A reduction in fees may be possible, as provided under Section 13.04.130 (D) (3) of the Hailey Municipal Code. To request freeze protection, submit the Request for Water Service Freeze Protection application.

Water Pressure

The water system works on a supply/demand basis. The more demand for water the less pressure there is to go around. Pressure will fluctuate throughout the day depending on how many people are using water. Less usage means more pressure, more usage means less pressure.

The city is required to provide water at a pressure of no less than 40 psi (static pressure). If you have water pressure concerns, you may request a pressure check by calling either 208-788-4221, ext. 1 or 208-788-9830, ext. 1. You may also wish to consult a professional to determine whether your home has a pressure reduction valve or other plumbing concerns that could be affecting water pressure.