Wastewater FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

No. There are several reasons why disposing of cooking grease down the drain is a bad idea:

  1. Even if you use hot water to wash it down, once the water cools down in your sewer pipe, that grease will solidify and coat the pipe. This will eventually clog your pipe and possibly cause a sewage back-up into your home.
  2. If a lot of grease gets into the sewer system, the lines get restricted causing the wastewater to go septic giving off a rotten-egg odor. Grease can also dissolve concrete in the system. Grease in the sewer system increases risk of having sewage back-ups in many homes.
  3. Once grease gets to the treatment plant, it is very difficult to treat and ends up causing unwanted problems at the plant.

Please note: All restaurants in the City of Hailey are required to have a grease trap installed and maintained so our major source of grease is residential.

Dispose grease in the trash.