What We Do

The Hailey Public Library Board of Trustees has the following powers and duties:

  1. To establish bylaws for its own governance;
  2. To establish policies and rules of use for the governance of the library or libraries under its control; to exclude from the use of the library any and all persons who violate such rules;
  3. To establish, locate, maintain and have custody of libraries to serve the city, and to provide suitable rooms, structures, facilities, furniture, apparatus and appliances necessary for library service;
  4. With the approval of the city:
    1. To acquire real property by purchase, gift, devise, lease or otherwise;
    2. To own and hold real and personal property and to construct buildings for the use and purposes of the library;
    3. To sell, exchange or otherwise dispose of real or personal property when no longer required by the library; and
    4. To insure the real and personal property of the library;
  5. To prepare and adopt a budget for review and approval by the city council;
  6. To control the expenditures of money budgeted for the library;
  7. To accept or decline gifts of money or personal property, in accordance with library policy, and under such terms as may be a condition of the gift;
  8. To hire, supervise and evaluate the library director;
  9. To establish policies for the purchase and distribution of library materials;
  10. To attend all meetings of the board of trustees;
  11. To maintain legal records of all board business;
  12. To exercise such other powers, not inconsistent with law, necessary for the orderly and efficient management of the library.

Hailey Public Library Board of Trustees

  • Sara Felton


  • Siomara Navarrete


  • Morgan Buckert


  • Kate Wutz


  • Tommy L. Green, Jr.