Utility and Snow Storage Easement


A 10 foot snow storage and easement is reserved beyond all 60', 80', and 100' street rights of way. Nothing may be placed or constructed in this area, not limited to and including trees, pavers, and berms without prior consent of the Street Division Manager.

Landscapers & Contractors

All barrow pits must retain designed flow for drainage purposes. All landscaping, construction debris or fill dirt blocking or obstructing the flow of the barrow pits will be removed before a certificate of occupancy will be issued on all dwellings.

Contractors & Utility Companies

All trenches dug within 4 feet of a paved road or across a paved road must be compacted to 95% of proctor and will be guaranteed for 3 years. This includes all trenching in barrow pits in the City right of way. All landscaping and barrow pits will be returned to as good as or better condition as they were before being disturbed. All projects within the City right of way need to be inspected by the City.