Toe of the Hill Trail

Toe of the Hill Trail Hailey

Toe of the Hill Trail

Location: This non-motorized, diverse use trail runs for two miles along the foothills east of the Woodside Subdivision.


  • North Terminus behind the bus facility at the Community Campus. Parking available.
  • Founders Field/Silverstone Condos. Parking nearby.
  • Laurelwood Drive at Keefer Park. Parking available.
  • Echo Hill Park. Limited parking.
  • Water Gulch Road behind Woodside Elementary. Limited parking.

About This Trail: As the valley floor becomes more developed, more residents seek nearby recreation in the undeveloped hillside lands that border Hailey. The Toe of the Hill Trail is a maintained, wilderness-type trail open to pedestrian, bicycle, equestrian and canine use.