Sweetwater Subdivision

A street full of houses and vehicles in front of them.

The development of the Sweetwater Subdivision along Woodside and Countryside Boulevards is governed by a Planned Unit Development (PUD) Agreement that was established in 2006, then amended in 2009, 2010, and 2012. The total number of residential units permitted within the Sweetwater Subdivision is 421 units. The active PUD Agreement allows for the increase of…

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Copper Ranch Subdivision

Outside image of a house with a parked car and a tree

The Copper Ranch Subdivision dates back to 2003, when the original Planned Unit Development Agreement was established. Due to the economic recession of 2008, the completion of the subdivision has been delayed and prolonged; the development was originally scheduled to be complete in 2006. The Planned Unit Development Agreement includes: 135 condominium units across twenty-seven…

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