Copper Ranch Subdivision

The Copper Ranch Subdivision dates back to 2003, when the original Planned Unit Development Agreement was established. Due to the economic recession of 2008, the completion of the subdivision has been delayed and prolonged; the development was originally scheduled to be complete in 2006.

The Planned Unit Development Agreement includes:

  • 135 condominium units across twenty-seven (27) buildings
  • 1.5 parking spaces per unit that is larger than 1,000 sf, plus 1 parking space per unit that is smaller than 1,000 sf
  • Recreational amenities by way of the Gravity Fitness Center
  • Vehicle and pedestrian connections through the subdivision, as well as through neighboring developments

Since the start of the entitlement process, the Applicant has built 97 units, provided recreational facilities, and implemented partial transit facilities: a protected bus shelter and cement pad.

Now, in early 2023, the developer and City are engaged in the Design Review process for the final Phase 6 of the development. Completion of the agreed upon transit facilities-- including a bus stop pullout, with a relocated curb and sidewalk--  is planned.

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