Duplexes, Cottages & Townhouses

Outside view of a beautiful house on the street

The Hailey Municipal Code includes several similar housing unit types: condominiums, duplexes, townhouses, and cottages. The following definitions from Section 17.02.020 of Hailey’s Municipal Code pertain to how they are platted and distinguished from one another: DUPLEX: A multiple-family dwelling containing two (2) dwelling units. TOWNHOUSE DEVELOPMENT: A multi-family residential project of two (2) or…

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Sunbeam Subdivision

Map built on a sheet for sunbeam subdivision

Sunbeam Subdivision On May 19,  2020 the Hailey City Council considered and approved a the Planned Unit Development (PUD) Application for the development of a two-phase PUD totaling 147 units, to be called Sunbeam Subdivision and located on 54.38 acres within the Limited Residential 1 (LR 1) Zoning District. Now, the development of the Sunbeam Subdivision…

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