Duplexes, Cottages & Townhouses

The Hailey Municipal Code includes several similar housing unit types: condominiums, duplexes, townhouses, and cottages. The following definitions from Section 17.02.020 of Hailey's Municipal Code pertain to how they are platted and distinguished from one another:

DUPLEX: A multiple-family dwelling containing two (2) dwelling units.
TOWNHOUSE DEVELOPMENT: A multi-family residential project of two (2) or more townhouse units, where permitted under this title, which may be constructed as either or both of the following:
   A.   Building(s) containing two (2) or more townhouse units erected generally in a row, with each unit being separated from the adjoining unit or units by a party wall or walls, subject to Building and Fire Code requirements and all other applicable codes and ordinances, and with party walls extending from the basement floor to the roof along the dividing townhouse sublot line. Each unit has its own access to the outside, and no unit is located over another unit in part or in whole.
   B.   Cottages, which are buildings containing single townhouse units on individual townhouse sublots, provided the separation between units and/or buildings complies with applicable Building and Fire Code requirements and all other applicable codes and ordinances.
TOWNHOUSE SUBLOT: The lot resulting from platting a residential townhouse development. Townhouse sublots shall have a minimum area equal to that of the perimeter of each individual townhouse unit, and an additional area three feet (3') in width adjacent to any opening, measured at the foundation. Said sublots shall not be buildable for structures other than a "townhouse unit", as defined in this section. Platting of sublots shall follow the procedures set forth in the subdivision ordinance and other applicable codes in effect. All other detached and/or accessory buildings shall be contained within the perimeter of the townhouse sublot, except as otherwise permitted herein.
TOWNHOUSE UNIT: A dwelling including a minimum of one bathroom and a single kitchen, designed for or occupied as a unit by one family for living and cooking purposes, located in a townhouse development on a platted townhouse sublot.

As of January 2023 in the Hailey Municipal Code:

  • Cottages or townhouse units may be developed on townhouse sublots or on duplex lots; and
  • There is no substantive distinction between a duplex and a townhouse development of two units.

In 2023, City Staff intend to develop the Municipal Code as it pertains to these definitions.

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