2025 City of Hailey Goals

2025 City of Hailey Goals


Vision Statement

An environmentally and economically sustainable town/community/city with a safe, fun, and equitable approach to family-friendly living. It blends together our love for quirky mountain living, recreation, and a small-town lifestyle with cultural excellence and biodiversity/diversity.



Health, Safety and Welfare –Health safety and welfare is a foundational goal that is imbedded in each of the goals below.

Transportation – Have clean and safe streets that support all modes of transport throughout all 4-seasons with emphasis on bikes, pedestrians, and public transportation in order to achieve a well-connected community.

Infrastructure – Deliver essential services and ensure our facilities and community areas are up-to-date and able to accommodate growth, including the development of steady revenue streams to support necessary services.

Housing – Attract and retain a socio-economically diverse, functioning/working community.

Employees – Recognizing that people are at the heart of our work, create a sustainable foundation of hardworking people that care for/take care of our community and thrive in the workplace.

Economy – Retain and promote a variety of economic opportunities with a focus on year-round living.

Environment – Create a vibrant, resilient community that values clean water, clean air, dark skies, healthy wildlife and a sustainable climate.

Feel/Identity – Use our unique identity to maintain and enhance what we are today, to guide our future and to foster connections within our community.


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