2024 Comprehensive Plan Update

With a new year just around the corner, goals and resolutions are often established in hopes of achieving great things. These annual intentions are not just individual endeavors but are common within municipalities too. A primary goal within Hailey’s Community Development Department (CDD) in 2024 is to update, refine, build upon, and modernize Hailey’s Comprehensive…

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Chinese American Heritage in Hailey

P R O S P E R I T Y     M O U N T A I N Join us for the unveiling of a new sculpture commemorating the heritage of local Chinese immigrants. The unveiling ceremony will take place on the corner of Main St & Walnut (near Hailey Coffee Company) on Wednesday,…

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Housing by the Numbers 2023

Active Hailey Housing permits.

The concept of diverse housing in our community is far more than wooden frames and nails – it is the foundation upon which our community is built. The City of Hailey prides itself on recent achievements, recognizing our commitment to addressing housing needs, and at every corner, promoting diverse housing initiatives – affordable or otherwise.…

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Category L Housing: Locals Only

As defined by the Blaine County Housing Authority (BCHA), the Category L criteria pose “No Income Limit but must be a full-time resident of Blaine County.” “Category L” housing- or, housing for “locals only”- is important for providing housing for local workers earning middle and upper middle income, 100-120% of the area median income (AMI).…

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Hailey Purchases Affordable Townhomes

River Street Townhomes

On April 4, 2023, the City of Hailey approved the purchase and assignment of two affordable community townhomes in the new River Street Townhomes Project. The 12-unit project, located at 410 River Street, was approved in 2021 with two deed-restricted units out of the 12. In the 2021 agreement between the City and the developer,…

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Two kids with bicycles

Photo Credit: Carol Waller Riding an e-bike is a fun and efficient way to commute, recreate, and explore in and around the City of Hailey. While there are many different styles and capabilities of e-bikes, the City of Hailey defines electric bikes (“e-bikes”) as, “A bicycle or tricycle that is equipped with fully operable pedals…

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Hailey’s Land Use Map & Goals

Hailey comprehensive plan land use map

Hailey’s official Land Use Map establishes a basis and direction for the expansion and/or location of business, residential, industrial, institutional and green space areas within and adjacent to the City. A Land Use Map is a required element of the Land Use component of the Comprehensive Plan. Pursuant to Idaho Code requirements, the Land Use Map…

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Duplexes, Cottages & Townhouses

Outside view of a beautiful house on the street

The Hailey Municipal Code includes several similar housing unit types: condominiums, duplexes, townhouses, and cottages. The following definitions from Section 17.02.020 of Hailey’s Municipal Code pertain to how they are platted and distinguished from one another: DUPLEX: A multiple-family dwelling containing two (2) dwelling units. TOWNHOUSE DEVELOPMENT: A multi-family residential project of two (2) or…

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Blaine Manor Subdivision

Street view of a building aside road with moving vehicles

The Blaine Manor Subdivision– owned and developed by ARCH Community Housing Trust– consists of 60 apartment community housing units, one building for families and another for seniors. Specifically, the senior community housing building consists of eighteen (18) one-bedroom units and twelve (12) two-bedroom units, all ranging in size from 691 square feet to 908 square…

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