Sweetwater Subdivision

A street full of houses and vehicles in front of them.

The development of the Sweetwater Subdivision along Woodside and Countryside Boulevards is governed by a Planned Unit Development (PUD) Agreement that was established in 2006, then amended in 2009, 2010, and 2012. The total number of residential units permitted within the Sweetwater Subdivision is 421 units. The active PUD Agreement allows for the increase of…

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2022 Update on ADUs in Hailey

Front view of a hut shaped house with a small garden

An overview of provisions for Accessory Dwelling Units in Hailey: In 2016 the Hailey City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission prioritized Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) from an array of feasible housing solutions presented by Staff in 2016. ADUs were (and still are) considered a desirable mechanism for by-right infill development and managing the City’s…

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Accessory Dwelling Units

A sketch map of a house with peoples

The City of Hailey recognizes that land use, population growth, and community character are interrelated, and that social well-being and diversity are tied to the availability of an array of housing types and sizes available for sale and for rent at various price points. Accessory dwelling units, when thoughtfully designed, can simultaneously complement the fabric…

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Live & Work on Airport Way

Service Commercial Industrial - Industrial Zoning District (SCI-I)

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) are permitted in all the residential zoning districts, including in the Industrial (I) Subdistrict of the Service Commercial Industrial (SCI) District, commonly referred to as the SCI-I Zoning District. Per Section 17.04L.030.03 of Hailey’s Municipal Code, ADUs in the SCI-I Zone are held to the following criteria: The Industrial (I) Subdistrict…

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40 McKercher

A structured model of a house with trees

A 44-unit apartment building design at “40 McKercher”, in the Business and Downtown Residential Overlay Zoning Districts, was approved by the Hailey Planning & Zoning Commission on September 19, 2022. In compliance with the stipulations of its Zoning Districts, 40 McKercher will comprise of: 44 residential units, including: Eight (8) two-bedroom units (1,226 sq. ft.)…

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River Lane Apartments

Collage of images of different types of buildings

On November 21, 2022, the Hailey Planning and Zoning Commission considered and approved the Design Review Application by River Lane, LLC, for construction of a fifty-one (51) apartment units– a multifamily building. The project is located on North River Street within the Business (B), Downtown Residential Overlay (DRO), and Townsite Overlay (TO) Zoning Districts. Apartments…

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Sunbeam Subdivision

Map built on a sheet for sunbeam subdivision

Sunbeam Subdivision On May 19,  2020 the Hailey City Council considered and approved a the Planned Unit Development (PUD) Application for the development of a two-phase PUD totaling 147 units, to be called Sunbeam Subdivision and located on 54.38 acres within the Limited Residential 1 (LR 1) Zoning District. Now, the development of the Sunbeam Subdivision…

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Copper Ranch Subdivision

Outside image of a house with a parked car and a tree

The Copper Ranch Subdivision dates back to 2003, when the original Planned Unit Development Agreement was established. Due to the economic recession of 2008, the completion of the subdivision has been delayed and prolonged; the development was originally scheduled to be complete in 2006. The Planned Unit Development Agreement includes: 135 condominium units across twenty-seven…

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Hailey Housing Report – January 2023

Hailey Housing Report - January 2023

Housing accessibility and security is key to the vibrancy and sustainability of life in Hailey. Read the City of Hailey’s inaugural housing report! Stay tuned for seasonal updates.

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