Sweetwater Subdivision


The development of the Sweetwater Subdivision along Woodside and Countryside Boulevards is governed by a Planned Unit Development (PUD) Agreement that was established in 2006, then amended in 2009, 2010, and 2012.

The total number of residential units permitted within the Sweetwater Subdivision is 421 units. The active PUD Agreement allows for the increase of multifamily density from 20 units per acre, permitted outright within the Limited Business (LB) Zoning District, to 24 units per acre. The 421 residential units are comprised of townhouse and condominium units. As of January 2023, approximately 106 units were completed, and 315 units remained. As shown in the table below, the development of the units is organized across various blocks, each with different phases:

Sweetwater Subdivision Units Entitled/In Process Units Complete Units Incomplete
Block 2 137 7 130
Block 3 101 0 101
Block 4 99 99 0
Block 5 60 0 60
Block 1 (Tanner) 24 0 24
Total Units 421 106 315

*Table is based on the status of development in January 2023.

As part of the subdivision's PUD Agreement, the developer is providing:

  • funds to be dedicated to parks;
  • a traffic signal;
  • amenities, including a park, children's playground, and recreational center;
  • bicycle and pedestrian connection to the Wood River Trail, including a shared-use path and widened bridge;
  • three bus shelters;
  • a FEMA study/map amendment;
  • sidewalk connections;
  • street and right-of-way improvements; and
  • extensions of the municipal water and wastewater infrastructure.
A street full of houses and vehicles in front of them.