40 McKercher

A 44-unit apartment building design at "40 McKercher", in the Business and Downtown Residential Overlay Zoning Districts, was approved by the Hailey Planning & Zoning Commission on September 19, 2022.

A structured model of a house with trees

In compliance with the stipulations of its Zoning Districts, 40 McKercher will comprise of:

  • 44 residential units, including:
    • Eight (8) two-bedroom units (1,226 sq. ft.)
    • Fourteen (14) one-bedroom units (624 sq. ft.)
    • Twenty-two (22) studio units (553 sq. ft.)
  • 56 total parking spaces, including:
    • 35 parking spaces within the enclosure (regular, compact, ADA, guest)
    • 21 parking spaces along the eastern side of the building (covered, uncovered, regular, compact, ADA, guest)
  • Shared vehicular access from existing easement between Lot 1A and 1B
  • Secondary Driveway Access, Drainage, Landscaping and Utility Easement along east side of building
  • Reconstruction of the McKercher shared-use path, to be 10 ft. in width
  • 3,800 square feet of common useable open space
  • Additional covered storage for all residential units

The project is adhering to Hailey's Build Better Program, as well as the US Green Building initiatives by incorporating Glulam/CLT and modular wood construction, utilizing Energy Start appliances, and future proofed for solar and electric-vehicle charging into their building design.

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