2023 Recycling Update

Hailey has partnered with the Environmental Resource Center (ERC) for the past two summers to divert recycling and food waste generated at Hailey events from the landfill. This summer, the ERC collected:

  • Aluminum: 696.5 lbs
  • Plastics (1-5): 32 lbs
  • Glass: 109.25 lbs
  • Compost: 300.5 lbs
  • Plastic Film: 27 lbs

Total pounds diverted from the landfill at Hailey Events: 1,165.25


The Blaine County Recycling Center has diverted a total of 4,823,947 lbs in 2023. The recycling center collects: cardboard, paper, aluminum, plastic, and plastic film. Have you ever wondered where that recycling goes after it is collected?

  • Cardboard is baled and shipped to Oregon and Washington to make more cardboard.
  • Newspaper and printer paper are baled and shipped to Twin Falls to be mulched for blown-in insulation and hydro seeding.
  • Aluminum and tin are sorted and sold separately to United Metals in Burley.
  • Plastics 1-5 are baled and shipped to Oregon to be made into more plastic containers, biofuels, and textiles.
  • Plastic film (grocery bags etc.) cannot be recycled with plastics #1-5. They can be dropped off at the Blaine County Annex Building. Plastic film is baled and shipped to TREX in Fernley, Nevada to make outdoor deck material and outdoor furniture.