Hailey Towing Policy

Don’t be towed when it snows!

This winter, the City will be strictly enforcing ticketing and towing related to snow removal. You cannot short-term park or store any personal property within 6’ of the pavement, or you will be ticketed and your vehicle may be ticketed and towed. In downtown Hailey, or in ANY area where there is a curb line, you CANNOT park on the street overnight between Midnight and 7:00AM or you will be ticketed and towed.

If you are parked overnight on city streets or in the wrong location in a designated overnight parking area, you will be fined $40. If your vehicle needs to be relocated due to snow operations, you will be fined an additional $125.

Towed cars will be located at one of two locations:

Temporary Tow Lot:  River Street Park and Ride (Corner of River St and Bullion)

Temporary Tow Lot:  Countryside and Shenandoah

You must pick up your car within 72 hours or your car will be towed again and additional fees will apply.

City-wide Parking Restrictions: Are in effect November 1-May 1 between Midnight and 7:00 A.M. There is NO short-term vehicle or personal property storage within 6’ of the roadway and NO long-term storage in any snow storage areas which may extend 20’ or more from the roadway.