Sheep Sculpture

Hailey Arts & Historic Preservation Commission to unveil new Sheep Sculpture on Main Street in honor of historical sheep migration route

September 24, 2019

The Hailey Arts & Historic Preservation Committee (HAHPC) has recently completed another project to add public art in Hailey, art that also has historical significance for the community. A large, colorful sculpture of a sheep will be erected at the corner of Main Street and Myrtle Street. The sculpture honors the historical sheep migration route along Myrtle Street that is still used today by sheepherders trailingl their sheep through the City each fall and spring.

The HAHPC commissioned the sheep sculpture from artist Jacob Novinger of Gooding, Idaho. Novinger has been hard at work, creating the sculpture over the last several months, incorporating colorful ‘found objects’, including auto and tractor body parts, tools and other related items, which will make the piece both colorful and unique. The sheep’s dimensions are approximately 45” in height and 63” in length, overall height (with base) 67”-to 69”. The Board decided that a sheep would be the perfect subject for the sculpture, a meaningful connection to the valley’s history.

This sculpture is striking, whimsical and a perfect blend of art and history for our community. We are very excited to present the finished product to the public and know that it will be a wonderful addition to the city”, said Daniel Hansen, Chair of the HAHPC. “We believe that lots of people, both residents and visitors, will enjoy it, and expect we’ll be seeing lots of photos of it on social media”.

On Tuesday, October 8, 2019, at 5:00 p.m., the HAHPC and City Officials will hold a special ceremony at the corner of Myrtle Street and Main Street to unveil the sculpture, and to celebrate the completion of this latest art project. Concurrently, City Officials will celebrate the completion of the new Myrtle Street Pathway, a bike/pedestrian path on the north side of Myrtle Street from Main Street to the Wood River Trail. The public is invited to attend.

The mission of the Hailey Arts & Historic Preservation Commission is “to ensure the arts and history are valued as an integral part of Hailey and to enhance the culture of the Hailey community by providing leadership, advocacy and support for the arts and history”.

The HAHCP has completed a number of arts and historical projects for the City over the past few years, including: Banners in Werthheimer Park, with images reflecting the ‘then and now’ of many aspects of the community, Asphalt Art at the Welcome Center, a painted patchwork of Hailey’s history, Historical Interpretive Plaques on 21 different historical buildings in and near downtown Hailey, and a recently completed colorful Owl mural on the north side of the Jane’s Artifacts building in downtown.