The Bailey House

A pioneer home built in 1898, preserved in Hailey today

In hopes of inspiring families, builders, developers, and homeowners in Hailey to preserve and protect historic structures in the area, the Hailey Arts & Histroic Preservation Commission create a short video documenting the preservation and relocation of a historical home in Hailey-- the Bailey House. This one-of-a-kind home, owned by Rebecca and Charles Cox, has been well-cared for and loved. The home, previously located at 121 North 3rd Avenue in Hailey, was built in 1898. The owners have relocated the home to another parcel in Hailey, where they will continue to preserve and protect the home-- continuing to share its past with generations to come.

The owners plan to further preserve and restore the old home in its new location. Among other improvements, they intend to remove the pink brick and red trim, and restore the original shiplap siding. By safeguarding this historic piece, the Cox’s are strengthening the link to the roots of our community and its people– connecting residents with the cultural history and story of our beautiful City of Hailey.

A team of creative professionals at the local agency Dark to Light Productions captured the Cox’s story by way of video and narration. We hope that their beautiful rendering of the Cox's passion inspires others to preserve other historic buildings and structures in Hailey.