Participate in the Bike/Pedestrian Master Plan Update

Completed in 2014, the Blaine County Community Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan was the first countywide plan to solely focus on bicycle and pedestrian transportation.

The 2014 plan benefited from robust participation from all the cities, the County, Mountain Rides, and the Blaine County Recreation District— in addition to other active transportation stakeholders. An extensive community outreach/engagement process was central to the plan, including residents, businesses, schools, and non-profit groups. The Plan is currently being updated, and the jurisdictions are seeking your input! Give your feedback in-person at polling places or through an online survey on November 8th.

Since 2014 a majority of the active transportation projects listed in the 2014 plan have been initiated or completed. Additionally, the following active transportation policies, plans, and programs have taken place:

  • The Wood River Valley received “Bicycle Friendly Community” Gold status, 2016
  • Hailey passed a two-year bicycle/pedestrian levy, 2016
  • Hailey Greenway Master Plan, 2018
  • Hailey Transportation Master Plan update, 2019 (of 2007 Plan)
  • Hailey approved use of e-bikes on City pathways, 2022
  • Hailey participated in the inaugural Walking Fellows Institute, 2022

Now, the working group is collaborating to update the 2014 plan—including its project list, prioritization matrix, and implementation strategies. For an idea of the status, progress, and plans for the City of Hailey’s active transportation projects see the Hailey Master Transportation Plan.

Don’t forget to join us in a new round of community engagement—online and in-person at polling places on November 8th—to by shape a vision for the Wood River Valley’s multi-modal transportation network.