2023 Comprehensive Plan Update: Request for Qualifications!

The Community Development Department of the City of Hailey, Idaho, is seeking the services of a consultant or consultant team to complete Hailey’s Comprehensive Plan Update.

Wildflowers | City of Hailey, Idaho

Qualified consultants will be experienced in land use planning, housing and transportation planning, economic development, fiscal analysis, sustainability, design, and other relevant experience in undertaking innovative planning efforts in a unique mountain and resort community.

The updated plan should reflect the diverse demographic of the community. Work completed will exhibit robust community outreach, rigorous attention to detail, as well as the ability to provide recommendations and concrete implementation strategies to affirm the community’s vision:

“Hailey is a community in which families thrive; a community whose character of place is valued and defined by safe, walkable, attractive, and vibrant residential and commercial neighborhoods and streets, clean air and water, abundant open space, parks and trees, and strong education and social support networks. Hailey is a community connected to and respectful of the natural assets surrounding us. Hailey is a community that honors its history and embraces ethnic, cultural, generational, and economic diversity”.

Please see the official Request for Qualifications with details regarding the project's scope of work, timeline, and proposal requirements. Please feel free to contact Community Development Director Robyn Davis at robyn.davis@haileycityhall.org for further information.