Hailey Spring Flood Watch

Flood Watch in Hailey

Hailey is proceeding with flood preparations today (April 27th, 2023) by stockpiling sand stations in two locations:

  • Corner of War Eagle and Silver Star Drive
  • Corner of Cedar and Silver Star Drive

This sand is provided for citizens affected by flood waters. Citizens are advised to purchase their own sandbags.  While sand will be replenished at these locations, it is unlikely that there will be enough sand for all concerned property owners.

Please visit City of Hailey's Flood page for more details and resource options.

Big Wood River water levels are predicted to rise to approximately 3.8 feet in the near future, possibly today, which is a trigger point for the city to initiate the following road operational strategies in flood-affected areas:

  • Surface water flowing over the road shoulder and/or edge of Road: The City will install “Water Over Roadway” signage and impose Weight Restrictions.  This condition is typically re-occurring with an approximate Big Wood River Gauge reading of 3.8 feet, plus or minus. Weight restrictions means that rubbish pickup will be relocated until flood waters recede.
  • Surface water reducing roadway to a single lane: The City will install “Road Closed” signage at obstructed locations with “Local Traffic Only” signage at the next closest intersection in either direction.  This condition is typically re-occurring with an approximate Big Wood River Gauge reading of 4.5 feet, plus or minus.
  • Water over entire roadway with loss of visual confirmation of travel surface location and condition, thereby endangering emergency services, OR other identifiable hazards: This condition results in mandatory evacuation for the safety of the general public and emergency responders.  Properties subject to mandatory evacuations, if any, will be contacted by the City of Hailey in coordination with the Blaine County Sheriff’s Department.

The corresponding Big Wood River hydrograph can be found here: