OHV’s, Scooters and More – Safety Please!


Operating an OHV on City roads:

  • Valid restricted vehicle license plate; IC 49-402(4)
  • Valid IDPR OHV certificate of number sticker affixed to restricted vehicle license plate for resident and nonresident; IC 67-7122
  • Valid driver’s license; IC 49-301
  • Liability insurance or alternative insurance; IC 49-1223 or IC 49-1232
  • A DOT-approved helmet under age 18; IC 49-666
  • Muffler and U.S. Forest Service approved spark arrestor.  Your muffler must be at or below 96dB at the half-meter test. SAE J1287; IC 67-7125

For safe operation on roads the following equipment is recommended:

  • Brake light
  • Headlight and taillight after dark/poor visibility.
  • Horn audible at 200 feet.
  • Mirror showing roadway 200 feet behind the OHV.

Hailey City Ordinance 12.12.030: RAILROAD RIGHT-OF-WAY (BIKE PATH):

  • For 15’ on either side of the Bike Path Centerline:  the railroad right-of-way shall only be used for recreational uses by any pedestrians, equestrians, cross country skiers, snowshoers, and bicycles, e-bikes, alternative electric motored vehicles, wheelchairs, and OPDMDs. Except when necessary for construction of improvements or maintenance of the railroad right-of-way, no automobiles, motorcycles, mopeds, alternative electric motored vehicles over seven hundred fifty (750) watts, or e-bikes that do not require human power for primary propulsion, shall be permitted on the railroad right-of-way. (Ord. 1307, 2022; Ord. 1030 § 1, 2009).
  • Violation of this is Ordinance is a $300 fine.

eBikes are a great tool to get around town, but please know their limitations and obey the rules of the road when operating them.