Downtown Master Plan Update

The City of Hailey, in partnership with the Hailey Urban Renewal Agency, is working on a Downtown Master Plan to guide growth, development and public improvements in the downtown area for the next 10-15 years.  We have surveyed the public twice, with 388 community responses and an additional 98 businesses.  The Plan is based on the following community goals:


  • Authentically Hailey Downtown: preserve and promote the western mountain-town heritage and friendly small-town feel of the community.
  • Vibrant and Distinct Downtown Core: Establish a vibrant, distinctive mixed-sue environment that is uniquely Hailey.
  • Safe and Convenient Crossings: Improve safety and accessibility for pedestrians throughout the downtown core.
  • Town Square as a Destination: Create a central gathering place for the community in a new Town Square at the center of Downtown.
  • Connected Shops, Parks Amenities: Unite downtown and its surroundings with a clear network of pedestrian and biker-friendly routes.
  • Maintain On-Street Parking Capacity: Ensure downtown businesses are easily accessed by vehicle for quick trips and out-of-town visitors.

Click here to view the most recent draft plan!