Call for Artists/Welders! Chinese American Heritage Project

Hailey’s Arts & Historic Preservation Commission announces a call for artists and welders to submit design proposals for a Chinese American Heritage public art project!

F 07665, Janye A. Smith Collection, Jeanne Rodger Lane Center for Regional History.
F 07664, Janye A. Smith Collection, Jeanne Rodger Lane Center for Regional History.

The project marks a continuation of the Commission’s theme, “Our Differences Make a Difference.” While celebrating diversity and commemorating the heritage of Chinese immigrants in Hailey, the project also acknowledges an aspect of Hailey’s history that is fraught with racial violence and injustice. As evidenced in historical records and summarized in recent (September 2022) journalism by the Idaho Mountain Express, “Chinese immigrants in the Wood River Valley were met with second-class treatment at best and racial terrorism at worst.

In a solemn spirit of reconciliation, the Hailey Arts & Historic Preservation Commission seeks to add a new layer of history atop an old. The Commission seeks artists to develop a design for a public art piece that incorporates a trellis and/or gateway structure. The trellis aspect of the project nods to the history of immigrants growing food in Hailey, while the gateway aspect welcomes a transition in our history— a transition that welcomes Chinese American people and embraces racial diversity in our community, overall.

Specifically, proposed designs should:

  • include one to three (1-3) complementary pieces;
  • be made of metal and/or another material that is seasonally durable and relatively weather-proof; and
  • be of a size that is between six to sixteen feet (6-16’) long, one to four feet (1-4’) wide/deep, and six to ten feet (6-10’) high.
F 00554, A.W. Centennial Project, Jeanne Rodger Lane Center for Regional History.

The public art will be located outdoors, at or nearby a culturally relevant site, and on public or semi-publicly owned property; the exact location/s of the piece/s will be determined in Summer 2023. The project will be accompanied by educational signage, artists/welders are welcome to incorporate infrastructure or space for the signage in their design. The project budget is $2,000-8,000, including materials and labor. The City expects the artist/welder to complete the project, then advise or assist with installation of the piece by late Summer/early Fall of 2023.

Complete applications must include:

  • a portfolio of three to ten (3-10) images of past work;
  • a brief cover letter or statement describing how the proposed design reflects local history and honors Chinese Americans; and
  • a quote for the materials and labor between $2,000-8,000.

Complete applications must be e-mailed to Community Development City Planner Cece Osborn at, or submitted in-person to City Hall.

F 07103, Latah County Historical Society Collection, Jeanne Rodger Lane Center for Regional History.

Thank you for your participation in Hailey's making of history and public art!