2022 Update on ADUs in Hailey

Front view of a hut shaped house with a small garden

An overview of provisions for Accessory Dwelling Units in Hailey: In 2016 the Hailey City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission prioritized Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) from an array of feasible housing solutions presented by Staff in 2016. ADUs were (and still are) considered a desirable mechanism for by-right infill development and managing the City’s…

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Hailey Housing Report – January 2023

Hailey Housing Report - January 2023

Housing accessibility and security is key to the vibrancy and sustainability of life in Hailey. Read the City of Hailey’s inaugural housing report! Stay tuned for seasonal updates.

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Planning for Housing

Planning for Housing | City of Hailey, Idaho

Learn how Hailey’s city planning efforts support the accessibility of housing– for the well-being and vibrancy of our community.

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Community Housing Inventory

Housing in Hailey

15% of Hailey’s housing stock consists of “community housing” units, the prevalence of which encourages housing accessibility.

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