Tiny Homes on Wheels

The City of Hailey passed a City-initiated Ordinance to allow for Tiny Homes on Wheels as a new type of housing unit on February 13, 2023. The Ordinance will be published online under Section 17.08D of Hailey's Municipal Code: Title 17 Zoning Regulations, Chapter 17.08 Supplementary Regulations, Article D Accessory Dwelling Units and Tiny Homes on Wheels.

Hailey requires all tiny homes on wheels to be certified by the National Organization for Alternative Housing (NOAH) to meet the NOAH+ Standard, as well as the additional Hailey-specific building standards.
Read about titling and registering your tiny home on wheels with the Idaho Transportation Department
Get your electrical permit from the Idaho Division of Occupational & Professional Licenses (IDOPL)
Learn how to block, anchor, and skirt your tiny home on wheels as required by the Hailey Municipal Code.

What is a tiny home on wheels?

The City of Hailey considers tiny homes on wheels to be accessory structures that include an independent living space with a footprint of 100-400 square feet and provisions for living, sleeping, eating, cooking, and sanitation.

Can I live in a tiny home on wheels in the winter, or year-round?

Yes! The City allows people to live in tiny homes on wheels year-round in Hailey. In fact, tiny homes on wheels in Hailey are required to hook-up to municipal services, such as water and waste water. Wherever a tiny home on wheels is established, it needs to abide by the setbacks required of the lot and zoning district. The City of Hailey regulates and administers tiny homes on wheels similarly to accessory dwelling units (ADU's).

What is the difference between a tiny home on wheels and an RV?

Tiny homes on wheels are required to meet the NOAH+ Standard of building requirements, as well as other building and establishment/anchoring requirements that are unique to Hailey. Tiny homes on wheels requirements make them suitable for year-round living. RV's are not held to the same standards and are only suitable for temporary or seasonal living. While people may reside in tiny homes on wheels throughout the winter and calendar year, people in Hailey may only reside in RV's during the summer months.

Can I build my own tiny home on wheels to live in?

In Hailey, you can live in a tiny home on wheels if it meets the NOAH+ Standard, as well as the standards within Hailey's Tiny Homes on Wheels Ordinance No. 1320. When building or purchasing a tiny home on wheels for Hailey living, make sure that the builder has met these standards. City Staff check that tiny homes on wheels meet the required building standards before permitting and connecting tiny homes on wheels to municipal services. See the required documentation for a tiny homes on wheels application.

What paperwork do I need to complete in order to live in a tiny home on wheels in Hailey?

In order to establish a tiny home on wheels in Hailey, you need to submit the following City applications, with associated fees, to the Community Development Department:

As explained on the application documents, complete applications require additional documents. For example, applications require a certificate from the National Organization of Alternative Housing (NOAH) evidencing that the tiny home on wheels meets both the NOAH+ Standard, as well as the amended insulation and snow load standards articulated in Hailey's Ordinance No. 1320. See the tiny homes on wheels application for a checklist of other required documents.

Before purchasing a tiny home on wheels, check that your builder met all of Hailey's tiny home on wheels building requirements and can provide the documentation necessary for an application.


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See the below documents for more information about the City's deliberation of Tiny Homes on Wheels, which took place at the following public meetings: