OHV’s, Scooters and More – Safety Please!

  Operating an OHV on City roads: Valid restricted vehicle license plate; IC 49-402(4) Valid IDPR OHV certificate of number sticker affixed to restricted vehicle license plate for resident and nonresident; IC 67-7122 Valid driver’s license; IC 49-301 Liability insurance or alternative insurance; IC 49-1223 or IC 49-1232 A DOT-approved helmet under age 18; IC…

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Waste Reduction at Summer Hailey Special Events

  Hailey has partnered with the Environmental Resource Center (ERC) for recycling and waste diversion at the Hailey Rocks Concert series and at the Hailey Rodeo (aluminum only).  The ERC diverted 601 lbs. of aluminum from the 2023 rodeo series! Erica Exline, PUP Program Manager from the ERC tells us, “I have seen the positive…

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Summer Safety Tips

  Be safe around the water Every day, an average of 11 people die in the U.S. from unintentional drowning — and one in five of those are children 14 or younger according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The Red Cross wants everyone to know critical safety knowledge and skills that could save your life…

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Election Day is May 16!

A roll of paper with the sticker of vote on it

Election Day is May 16! Tuesday, May 16, 2023, is a special election. Hailey has two questions before the voters: $6 million Municipal Wastewater Bond: Aging Headworks Infrastructure 1% Local Option Tax for Housing/Air In-Person Early voting begins three weeks before any election (May 1, 2023) and takes place at the Blaine County Courthouse on…

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Hailey Spring Flood Watch

Flood Watch in Hailey Hailey is proceeding with flood preparations today (April 27th, 2023) by stockpiling sand stations in two locations: Corner of War Eagle and Silver Star Drive Corner of Cedar and Silver Star Drive This sand is provided for citizens affected by flood waters. Citizens are advised to purchase their own sandbags.  While…

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Hailey Purchases Affordable Townhomes

River Street Townhomes

On April 4, 2023, the City of Hailey approved the purchase and assignment of two affordable community townhomes in the new River Street Townhomes Project. The 12-unit project, located at 410 River Street, was approved in 2021 with two deed-restricted units out of the 12. In the 2021 agreement between the City and the developer,…

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Headworks Bond FAQ

What is this bond about? A ballot measure in May will ask Hailey voters if they wish to borrow $6 million to be repaid over 20 years to upgrade the aging Headworks at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. The overall structure of the Headworks is greatly aged and has gone past its expected life after 22…

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    Citizens and property owners in or near the floodplain:  We want you to be prepared!  Hailey is planning two (2) flood workshops to inform citizens and property owners as to what the City WILL and WILL NOT do during this year’s flood season.  Like previous years, the City of Hailey’s priorities during an…

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Hailey LOT Tax Fact Sheet – 1% for Air/Housing

A house of wood and a plane

Hailey Local Option Tax Fact Sheet Local Option Tax is a tax allowed in Idaho for resort cities. It is not a property tax, but a type of sales tax, on tourist retail transactions. The cities of Hailey, Ketchum and Sun Valley each have two Local Option Taxes: the “Original LOT”, described in Question #2…

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